We are pleased to inform that HarmonIQ Health Systems, our third party partner developing the NoID solution exclusively for Duality Blockchain Solutions, has advanced into the finals of the CHiME competition. CHiME is a national patient ID challenge in the US with a total prize amount of $ 1,000,000. Together with 3 other projects HarmonIQ will set out to demonstrate their workable prototype solution. CHiME https://herox.com/PatientIDChallenge/update/1407 , Winners will be announced in Q4 2017.


Duality is moving into a new direction in corporate design. We’ve have chosen for a more blockchain oriented approach, which consequently is sector neutral regarding BaaS solutions. The colouring is consistent with past iterations, Dynamic purple, Sequence grey and Duality blue. We are pleased to showcase them below:

For community contact join us on the following platforms.

[ANN]Duality… (public forum)

Interactivity & Support

Organised Active Contribution

  Official Duality Forum                        Downloadable Material.



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